A tricky way to cheat in a casino

This type of fraud first appeared in Las Vegas in the second half of the 20th century. Today, there are many options of this fraud. The sense of it is rather simple and the efficiency is high, so thanks to this scheme it was possible to make money to many fans of easy money.

casino tricks

What is a glass for chips?

The application of this scheme is fixed in a big number of casinos, but the most successful fraud was in a major casino in South Africa. And, today it is the largest casino in Africa and casinos all over the world. The action took place in the 1980s and had its own peculiarities. But it’s no doubt, our trick will not help you while playing in your favorite slot nsu treatment antibiotic azithromycin. sizzling hot.

For the success of those frauds, the participation of several dozens of people, including casino staff, was necessary. Only the dealers are involved in the process. Further, the number of accomplishments grew according to the circumstances.

Glass for chips is an aluminum hollow tube, by the size of the chip. Visually, it is indistinguishable from a stack of chips, because it is performed in a very high quality. A chip of small denomination is attached to the top of the glass for the reliability of the species. Such a vessel allowed them to cover a few chips and give it out for gaming chips in those games.

In many games chips are arranged in horizontal rows in unique boxes. For example, such games are poker or blackjack.

The essence of fraud with a glass for chips

In the US cities, a glass with chips was used in a craps: in this type of game, the chips are in the form of vertical piles in front of the group.

casino tricks

Each region and country are particularly popular with their kinds of games, craps are not often attracted players in «Sun City». Therefore, in the course of this fraud, a game with large stakes — punto banko — was chosen. It is a kind of baccarat. In South Africa a feature of this game was that in the course of the casino distribution. The color of the glass was identical to the stack of chips, corresponding to 10 rands (the currency of South Africa).

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