Dependence on Internet gambling. What if you’re on the hook?

Let’s first answer a very important question. And in life, something doesn’t cause an addiction? Name at least one thing. Even life itself causes great dependence right up until the death itself and keeps with all its might for the instinct of self-preservation.
What can we say about less large-scale things. Try to quit tomorrow and you will have no money. Try to sell the car tomorrow and go by tram. Try not to eat tomorrow, for example, or not to sleep.

Philosophy of excitement

Speaking philosophically, this dependence on life ends in death. A side effect of life itself. The fundamental property. No wonder many Eastern sages call for treating life as a game. It’s worth taking everything seriously, identifying yourself with your mind, you are no longer playing a game, and the game, sorry, is playing by you. If such losses are waiting for us in life itself and it’s best to treat it as a game, so why should the game be treated so cautiously?

viagra vs cyalus. Coffee is more dangerous than casino

Simple coffee causes in millions of people a much more dangerous dependence than any casino game. Different manufacturers — different banks. But the gambling cash register is perceived through the prism of evil luck through the ages, which rakes out the last of the pockets and makes a person obsessive. A person begins to perceive the game as a confrontation with spirits that promise him a reward somewhere in the end. And the more he plays, the more addiction. Of course, gambling causes dependence, but only for those who are already predisposed to it — he either will ruin himself by the drinks or lose everything in Russian roulette. Don’t blame the profitable betting offers or big winnings. Everything depends on the person’s personality.

Life is a big game

During many years the society has tried to fight with the casinos, but gambling is still coming back — this or that country opens the gate and the magic continues. Almost everyone wants to get rich suddenly, immediately becoming a millionaire, without any preliminary preparation and work. This is the hidden grain — the game attracts our expectations, which are somewhere on the subcortex. You can do everything yourself, but humanity loves magic, loves Harry Potter, boots-speeders and a carpet-plane.

Any phenomenon has a reverse side, proportional to the power of dreams — you want to win the golden mountains, be prepared to lose the last. If you bring to the extreme, then there are no halftones here. And, the latter will happen statistically more often, because there are more losers than winners. And you think, what is the basis of the signs of Las Vegas, Macau and other casinos?

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